The HPL provides consulting for research and development of health and fitness metrics for implementation into industry. The laboratory can provide guidance on metrics for any application including mobile health and fitness, validation trials, and physiological assessment in clinical settings. Guidance can take the form of simple presentation to complete development of internal and external trials for research and development, validation, and implementation.

  • Our laboratory has the ability to assess virtually any metric for bench-marking and R&D.  Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Cardiovascular fitness
    • Oxygen consumption
    • VO2max
    • Energy expenditure
    • Fat utilization
    • Carbohydrate utilization
    • Resting Metabolic rate
    • ECG
    • Blood pressure
    • Muscle activation
    • Blood metabolites
    • Body composition including percent fat, fat mass, fat free mass, prediction of ideal body weight, normative data
    • Training plans
    • Training load

Internal research to guide and develop R and D efforts      


  • Assure data and metrics are valid and reliable
  • Guide research and development with ongoing data collection
  • Recruitment and organization of beta testers for feedback of product during the research and development process
  • Design of methods to assess metrics during the R and D process
  • Organization of data for presentation, marketing, and investor support
  • Internal trials can be performed at your facility, at our laboratory, and/or in the field

Validation research     

  • Once internal trials for validation and reliability are complete external trials can be initiated
  • We can arrange for trial location or work with sites already in place
  • Provide company representation during data collection to assure proper methodology is followed
  • Develop site contract and point of contact during development, data collection, and publication for conference and journal submission
  • Organization of data for presentation, marketing, and investor support